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ADVAMET® Stainless Steel Feedstock
ADVAMET® Stainless Steel Feedstock

An Introduction

Advanced Metalworking Practices, LLC was established in 1984 as an Indiana corporation by Dr. Kishor M. Kulkarni. The relatively new MIM technology had already attracted considerable worldwide interest because it allows making small complex parts from metal powder in large quantities by injection molding, a process commonly used for plastics. Examples of current applications of MIM include parts for laparoscopic surgical instruments, orthodontic devices, hardware, firearms and automotive applications. The starting material for MIM, known as 'feedstock', is an intimate mixture of metal powders and organic binders. In 1988, after development of proprietary technology about formulation of the MIM feedstocks, Advanced Metalworking started commercial production of high quality, ready-to-use feedstock. The company now specializes in production and supply of the MIM feedstock and provides related services to its customers in the MIM industry. It is a major feedstock producer in North America and is believed to be the only company worldwide specializing in feedstock production as its primary business. The feedstocks are processed by customers by molding, debinding and sintering to produce millions of metal parts for many demanding applications. Production has expanded to include feedstock for ceramics and cermets.

At Advanced Metalworking we take great pride in providing service to our customers and in the high quality of our products. We start with top quality raw materials and give close attention to every detail in the manufacturing and quality testing stages. The facilities include several mixers and blenders and specialized instruments such as extrusion plastometers for checking feedstock viscosity and a helium pycnometer for density measurement. The company also has a 50 ton injection molder, thermal debinding capabilities, and a high temperature ceramic tube sintering furnace so that it can process test samples for customers.

The ADVAMET® trademark was established in May, 2000 for feedstock identification. Advanced Metalworking is committed to continuously upgrading technology as well as maintaining facilities and equipment and recruiting and training a well qualified staff. Advanced Metalworking is located in Carmel, IN, approximately thirty miles northeast of Indianapolis airport. It has a production facility of 7,200 sq. ft. (670 sq. m.). Advanced Metalworking is a member of Metal Injection Molding Association (MIMA) of the Metal Powder Industries Federation (MPIF). Its senior staff members have been active in MPIF and APMI and have published several technical papers.

In November of 2007, the company was purchased by Purity Zinc Metals of Clarksville, TN and changed its name to Advanced Metalworking Practices, LLC, retaining its experienced staff and high quality production processes.

The ADVACAT® trademark was established in September of 2015 to broaden our high-quality product offerings into the catalytic (POM- or acetal-based) feedstock market. 

Mission Statement

The goal of Advanced Metalworking is to serve our customers in Metal Injection Molding and related industries by providing superior quality products and services based on continuously improving technology and facilities and a safe work environment.