Advanced Metalworking Practices

AMP’s engineered feedstocks are precisely formulated, compounded and pelletized to give you the ultimate in consistent batch-to-batch performance. Deliveries are coordinated to meet your specific production demand and schedule.



AMP Proprietary Binder Systems

Wax Polymer Binder System

Get the excellent operating performance and superior molding with ADVAMET® feedstock featuring AMP’s wax polymer binding system - a world first. Realize high material utilization/low degradation rates with multiple regrinding operations reported as high as 20+ cycles.

  • High flow under low pressures and mold temperatures
  • Exceptional degating and green strength for superior molding performance
  • Low degradation per cycle
  • High material utilization rates with multiple regrind operations reported as high as 20+ cycles

Catalytic Debinder System

ADVACAT® feedstock users AMP's catalytic (POM) binder system. Available in the typical factors of 1.1669 and 1.2160 oversize factors as well as custom oversize factors to complement your individual tooling/process parameters.

  • High flowability under low pressure
  • Lower molding temperature
  • Excellent green strength
  • Accepts regrind cycles
  • Standard and custom shrink rates

You Can Expect

  • Superior homogeneity
  • Tight dimensional control
  • Higher yield
  • Excellent green strength
  • Enhanced cracking resistance
  • Lot-to-lot consistency
  • Lower sintered scrap rates
  • Configurations tailored to your application
  • Alloys will not be obsoleted
  • Scale Factor (MSF) tailored to your tool needs.

Key Services


Toll Processors for Your Formulations

Compounding and pelletize MIM feedstock formulations, creating custom lot sizes from 5lbs. (2.5kg) to 1,700 (800kgs). We are ISO 9001 certified and have the dedicated equipment, expertise, materials knowledge, and testing facilities to ensure that each lot of material consistently meets specification every time.


Restores Overworked Feedstock

MIM feedstock rheology can significantly change after multiple processing and regrind cycles. Using our in-house testing equipment and expertise, AMP can characterize the feedstock’s rheological data and rejuvenate the binder system. Our final quality assurance checks, including MFI and capillary rheometer testing, confirm that the renewed materials’ viscosity and MSF characteristics are restored.












Create Complex MIM Parts to Spec with AMP’s Proprietary MIM Feedstock